The Importance of Soundchecking

It may be a bit of a mystery to the idle observer as to what it is that goes on for a band before a performance at the soundcheck. It is in fact a crucial and key part of how well the gig is likely to go. It`s not just how well the audience can hear each of the musicians in the band, but also very importantly how well the members of the band can hear each other. The challenge of this of course varies hugely according to the acoustics of the venue. These come in all shapes and sizes,and there are fiendish obstacles to overcome if you have close odd shaped walls bringing about unwanted slapback echoes etc. The skill and ability of the sound engineer is pivotal and good ones know and understand what all the knobs on the mixing desk do. For others it is more of a matter of posing and muttering, and all bands have had them! One of the famous first fences to fall down at is if one of the band members wanders off for a bite to eat when everyone else is ready to begin sound checking.  Often a short, precious and nonredeemable time slot. Deciding what and how much to eat is also not a simple matter either, because you are balancing knowing you need nourishment for the energy and stamina to deliver a great gig, and yet in reality a part of you is far more ready to settle down to eat when the performance is over.


Sound checking on drums at the Underground Theater on Saturday.


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