Working also as a producer James has produced albums for artists as diverse as Brazilian star Ritchie, and in the UK for John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick, featuring Dave Gilmour on guitar. Useage of James’ music has included “La Filiere Chinoise” (Cinema Euro Group), Gems ThamesTV drama), station idents for Central TV, Granada TV, MTV in the USA, Future TV in the Lebananon and the European Superchannel.

Additional TV useage has included The Boat Show, The Clothes Show, The Plant (Screen One Drama) and themes for Breaking The News, Ulster TV News and a Channel Four rugby series.

James uses the Soundscape version 6 recording system, enabling 128 24-bit audio tracks, and enjoys combining live performance with high-tech programming techniques.



Action DiscoStudio G[1979]
GyroscopeBruton Music[1979]
Generation GapBruton Music[1980]
AbstractsStudio G[1980]
Natures’s WorldStudio G[1981]
Short TitlesStudio G[1982]
Electro F/XBruton Music[1983]
Music BedsBruton Music[1983]
KaleidoscopeBruton Music[1983]
Flash MusicBruton Music[1984]
Time CycleSouthern[1985]
PopcornBruton Music[1985]
Nature StudiesBruton Music[1985]
Working it OutBruton Music[1986]
The Great WheelStudio G[1988]
Flying ColoursStudio G[1989]
Science and SpaceStudio G[1989]
PowerhouseStudio G[1990]
LifestyleStudio G[1990]
PowergameStudio G[1993]
Global ReachOne Music[1997]
Auria Multimedia – Music Library Volume 2GiraSound[1997]
Global SpiceAbaco Music Library[2004]
Global PercussionKPM Music / KPM Main Series[2021]

Contact Details for Libraries:

MADE UP MUSIC01323 449400LEMONCAKE+44 207 299 4266
MAKIN’ 870 5670
SOUTHERN00 44 208 459 8899BRUTON MUSIC00 44 208 459 8899
DEWOLFE00 44 207 631 3600ONE MUSIC001 615 242 4452
GIRASOUND001 303 780 9174ABACO (USA)(561) 995 0984
(800) 322 7879