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James Asher - Decade 20

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Decade 20

Artist :
Title : Decade 20
Release Date : 2020
Label :
Catalog Ref. : SF-20204
Format : Digital Download



Released on iTunes and Spotify on 7th March 2020.

Decade 20 is a dance track. As we embark on this new era, this instrumental seeks to touch on the spirit of positivity that serves to help us power through some of the significant challenges we face globally and locally.

Reviews for Decade 20

Do you remember Drum Distillery by James Asher and Arthur Hull, and the way it made you dance in sheer joy? Well, James is back with his single ‘Decade 20’, and it seems he picked up from where he left.

James Asher

The moment you put the song on (give a listen on Spotify), you notice bouncy and energy-filled sounds asking you to get out of your slumber, through away your vanity (or lethargy), and get into the groove. The tempo is really inviting.

Drums and the synthesizer provide a rich mixture of peppiness. The beat is definitely conducive for a little shake and letting loose–whether you are alone, with somebody or in a group, you can give it a spin. I would not be surprised if you would choose it for your morning yoga routine or gym or even going for a morning run. The bass drum provides a steady rhythm, which will prove to be a handy instrument for mindfulness. Cymbals and the small insertion of tunes played on the keyboards bring in the sonic flavor. (I could not stop my head wiggling and swinging while I wrote this with my headphones on).

The track runs for more than 6 minutes, which I think is well-suited for a break if you want to refresh your mind.

A nifty job done by James! Wishing him more such inspirations! 

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