Drum Travel Progress

It is very exciting that the Drum Travel project has reached its current state of completion. I collected the first double CDs last night, and a further batch will be ready today. These have been made with great care and expertise by Tom Askaroff at CMP studios. Sandeep`s design is looking brilliant, and universally the feedback to this has been awesome. Though it has only enjoyed limited exposure so far, the music seems to be going down very well too. It is of course a challenge in current times for people to find time and space to fully absorb a double album, which is indeed a lot of music. But although it took a while for everything a while to gel with the project, after a certain point it all started to catch fire, and there were also some very lucky coincidences of meeting the right people at the right time. As for example the remarkable singer Zuwa, introduced to me by my friend Big Al, who sings a beautiful song that opens up the second disk – African Angel. I`ll be talking more about some of the creative issues that came up as the project evolved. But for now it is really a very upbeat occasion to see the album completed and becoming available. If you haven`t heard the audio samples on the site, please do.

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