Howlin` Blues – 4 gigs over Easter Weekend

There was a succession of gigs for Howlin` Blues, which all seemed to go very well. The Cinqueports in Seaford was a cheering start where it was great to see the landlord dancing behind the bar – always a good sign! Then on Saturday morning we performed at the Underground Theatre in Eastbourne to a capacity crowd, most of whom had never seen us before , so the enthused response was very encouraging. That evening as we were all ready to hang up our guns, we got a call asking us to dep at the Hailsham Club for a band whose van had broken down. Initially the evening seemed a little slow to take off, but come the second half the dancefloor was buzzing, and it turned out to be a very fun evening. Then on Sunday we concluded with a brilliant and lively afternoon at the Garden Bar in Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne. This was the first time we had played here, but were assured by the manager we would be back.


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