In 1984 I was visiting a holistic exhibition, when I first happened upon Aura-Soma. The bottles first caught my eye with their glorious colours and the energy they emanated. Then I had a reading with the extraordinary and charismatic Vicky Wall. Not only was I inspired by meeting her and the way she spoke, but somehow it prompted a whole new approach for me in the way I saw things. A lot of barriers and restrictions I’d had in my old way of thinking seemed to dissolve, and I found myself propelled on a whole fresh and much more vibrant path.

One of the things that really appealed about it was that I wasn’t being handed any dogma – merely an invitation to explore myself from a framework of balance, and in the process learned a lot of interesting things. Around this time I wrote The Great Wheel, and also started a label called Lumina. Though the organisational side of running a label greatly reduced my available creative time, it was a fascinating and useful experience.

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Anyway a great personal highlight at this time was Vicky visiting my studio with Mike Booth, and delivering an inspired impromptu meditation against the musical backdrop of The Great Wheel title track. This is still available on cassette from Aura-Soma. Mike Booth (who has run the company since her death) has also been the source for me of ongoing inpiration. For our first collaboration I recorded his meditation “Peace to All Beings” and wrote music to accompany that. It has a quality that still really appeals to me. It’s universal and touches a core spirit of calm and grace that seems to transcend a lot of barriers. I’ve enjoyed recording versions in several different languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portugese and Japanese.

It was Mike who suggested that we create an energetic Aura-Soma family album which became Feet in the Soil, and the ten musicians playing on it were all from that family. There was something about the bubbly positive energy at the time of recording and the heatwave of 1995 that seemed to distil its way onto the CD, and it’s fun that a broad and very varied audience have enjoyed it.

It was through Mike Booth that I met Madeleine Doherty – a wonderful Irish harpist. Under Mike’s direction, we collaborated on a musical interpretation of thirteen colours. This provided an extraordinary journey which was very creatively stimulating. The result was the album Colours of Trance.

Aura-Soma offers a path of self-discovery or soul therapy which is non-intrusive, and through it I’ve enjoyed some amazing adventures, and also come to a greater appreciation of energies, and the importance of balancing those energies.

Below is the information you can find included on the CD’s Tigers of the Raj and Colours of Trance about Aura-Soma.

Photo of a bottle containing an essential oil and spring water infused with herbal and plant extracts
Aura-Soma was conceived in inspiration by Vicky Wall, who was a chiropodist and apothecary with extensive training in pharmacology. Vicky had tremendous intuition; In fact, from her childhood on, she was both psychic and clairvoyant. Everything Vicky had experienced in this lifetime seemed to prepare her for the guided meditation she received which instructed her to create bottles of beautiful jewel-like colours. Each bottle contains two fractions: essential oils in the top half with the lower fraction containing spring water infused with herbal and plant extracts, both contain crystal energies. When shaken, a temporary emulsion is formed which can be applied to the skin so that the colours (and the plant and mineral energies) flow into the body and through to the relevant chakra (or energy centre).

In her book “The Miracle of Colour Healing” (Aquarian Press 1990) Vicky Wall describes Aura-Soma as a “non-intrusive, self selective soul therapy”. Initially, she believed that the bottles were to be used on a physical level, however over the years of understanding and observing their effects it has become increasingly evident that they work primarily upon consciousness. In a consultation, a client would choose 4 bottles from a selection of nearly 100. The choice intuitively acknowledges the inner understanding of the soul’s path, mission and purpose. It also reveals the challenges and obstacles chosen by the client that provide key lessons from which to learn in this lifetime.

The key difference with Aura-Soma is that the individual has chosen the “remedy” (potential) for themselves, and has not relied on anyone else to tell them what to do or what they need. The client can gain insight into why a specific symptom or emotional problem has appeared in their lives, and work to reach the point where they no longer need it. Aura-Soma offers training courses in its colour system and a range of colour-related health and beauty products.

Today Aura-Soma is represented in over 47 countries with Mike Booth carrying forward the vision as Vicky Wall predicted and wished. Aura-Soma is constantly developing, changing and moving forward, because like us, colour is not a static entity – it is a growing, dancing energy which reflects in it’s influence on all life and form. Aura-Soma is a pioneer of Colour consciousness and is leading the way in this very exciting discipline of the future.

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