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From Bud to Bloom

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From Bud To Bloom

Artist :
Title : From Bud to Bloom
Release Date : 2020
Label :
Catalog Ref. : SF-20201
Format : Digital Download



Released on iTunes and Spotify on 23rd Jan 2020.

When worldbeat artist and producer James Asher met the gifted Japanese flute playing artist Ayako Tanaka, they shared an immediate musical affinity. When Ayako visited England in 2019, they seized the opportunity to meet up, create and record music in James’ Starfield Studios. Ayako’s fluent and expressive playing on silver flute, Native American flute, recorder and ocarina join James’ expansive keyboards and earthy percussion to paint a colourful and exquisite journey, whose central flavour is gentle, peaceful and melodic with the odd surprise on occasion for good measure!

Credits: Recorded by James Asher at Starfield Studios, Eastbourne, East Sussex UK. Produced by James Asher. Music composed by James Asher and Ayako Tanaka. Published by Radiant Music. Mastered by Gwyn Mathias GBdb. Cover Design by Ayako Tanaka, Emmy Hiruta, James Asher.

Composer credits:- Track I James Asher. Tracks 2-8 James Asher and Ayako Tanaka. Track 9 James Asher. Track 10 : Traditional arranged by James Asher and Ayako Tanaka. Tracks 1-9 Arranged by James Asher.

Musicians:- Ayako Tanaka – Silver flute, Recorder, Native American Flutes, Ocarina, Vocal. James Asher – Keyboards, percussion. Jim Neale – 12 string guitar.

As a musical percussionist, James Asher achieves a rhythmical alchemy which is profound beyond words.
Arthur Hull – America’s premier Drum Circle facilitator and Remo signature series drum designer.

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