Weekend Visit

A week ago it was great to have a visit from the Slovenian singer songwriter Javor Vogelnik Skerlj – (that`as quite a mouthful for us Brits!). We had met each other at one of the Drum Mantra events in St Peter`s Church Vauxhall, and he had expressed in interest in drumming and songwriting. So I invited him down and we worked on recording `Standback` – a song of his which comes in two parts. In the first part the lyrics talk quite mysteriously about the need to swim, and in the second part we are swept away by a jubilant chant, with Javor`s voice sounding great in harmony. People have commented on the first part that he sounds a bit like Lou Reed or Leonard Cohen, but this transforms in the second to something more tribal and folklike. He is undoubtedly a very talented artist, deep thinking individual and delightful soul to be around. I hope we can get to work on more material and look forward to out next spell of co-creativity.


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