Earthy Flavours

Feet in the Soil

Some of the collaborators in creativity along the way have been very striking. One such is the extraordinary Rory Baxter from Australia, who I met originally as the talented graphic designer for Aura-Soma, but also an excellent and original musician, playing didgeridoo and djembe. Wishing to explore possibilities with a new drum he had been given for a birthday, we recorded a piece called Pemulwuy. This would become the first track of Feet in the Soil, the album released in 1995, and to date my bestseller. This album has a strongly African and Aboriginal flavour, and has a very earthy flavour, recorded as it was in the ten sustained weeks of heat wave of 1995. The idea of the album was encouraged by Mike Booth from Aura-Soma who also takes part by singing on the track Ocean of Dreams, as does Claudia Booth his wife, who also sings, along with other people connected with Aura-Soma.

A remix of the Pemulwuy was created by German DJ’s and is available as a single (1996). There was also a second volume titled Feet in the Soil 2, released in 2000, which again features the didge and drum playing of Rory Baxter. Providing music to accompany meditations at Aura-Soma has led to composing other music of a relaxing nature as for example Dance Of the Light (1995), and Rivers of Life (1996). It is an interesting exercise writing music for meditation. In providing room for the voice providing the meditative journey a quality of calm, ambiance and space enters the music. Then if that voice is removed, the space remains.

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