Age of Aquarius – Galactica One

Age of Aquarius - Galactica One

Catalogue #: ZYX 81196-2
Label: ZYX
Year of Release: 1999

Track 15 on CD2, “Ocean of Dreams”, features on the James Asher album “Feet in the Soil“.

Age of Aquarius – Galactica One. Welcome – to an extraordinary journey through the various styles of a special kind of music for meditation, New Age Music or Instrumental Music. Yet, these terms are too restricting and they have often been misunderstood, so that more and more people use the more complex term COSMOPOLITAN MUSIC. The tracks by the artists we have chosen are all in a particular way “spiritual”, and their music will take you to new horizons – and beyond. It may be mind expanding and, as some listeners have said, it may even give you spiritual welfare. The musicians have created milestones in the history of music, that have, until now, been appreciated by a rather small group of people. You are now able to enjoy the two CD’s on one compilation. Get lost in a tremendous, atmospheric musical dream on CD1; the music on CD2 is more dynamic and rhythmical. All the fine compositions were written over a period of more than 20 years and they definitely helped develop the positive image of COSMOPOLITAN MUSIC.

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