Mondobeat – Masters of Percussion

Mondobeat - Masters of Percussion

Catalogue #: NARADA 72438-45788-2-4
Label: Narada Productions
Year of Release: 1998

Track 1, “Ljeilu “, features on the James Asher album “Feet in the Soil“.

Mondobeat – Masters of Percussion Rhythm: The pattern of movement in time. Rhythm can catalyse complete exultation or deep meditation. It can cause the involuntary tapping of a foot or induce a trance-like state. It possesses healing properties Western civilisation has only recently begun to appreciate. Our lives are governed by rhythm, from slow cycle of seasons to the over fluctuating tempos of our hearts. The true power of rhythm may be impossible to define with words. But if you have ever felt a rhythm groove so deep that you must submit to its inescapable pulse, you know rhythm for life – because rhythm is life. Drumming is the embodiment of the rhythm (life) that surrounds us. In many cultures drummers are social leaders, and their drums are recognised as powerfully magical instruments. There are special rhythms designated for specific times of day and night. In India, the kerwah rhythm is named for the camel and mimics its loping gait. Common events as well as special occasions are observed with different rhythms. Manifesting the power of rhythm, drummers have provided cultural bonds for thousands of years. This album is a vast landscape in which rhythm is foremost, performed by artists as diverse as the cultures from which they come. These masters have dedicated their lives to the art of percussion. Enjoy! – Greg Ellis.

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