Dances of Ecstasy

Dances of Ecstasy

Catalogue #: OA0872D
Label: Opus Arte
Year of Release: 2003

Track 1 (disc two), “Amma”, features on the James Asher & Sivamani album ‘Drums on Fire‘ and track 10 (disc 2), “Tabasco Rhythm”, features on James Ashers album ‘Globalarium‘. Disc 2 also contains James Asher’s first published video to accompany the hidden track “Zammo-Zansa”, which features on James Asher’s album ‘Globalarium‘.

Dances of Ecstasy Featuring James Ashers first published video to accompany the track “Zammo-Zansa”, Dances of Ecstasy is a double DVD of Michelle Mahrer and Nicole Ma’s celebrated documentary film which explores how different people around the world connect through rhythm, dance and music. Disc 2 features a spellbinding global music soundtrack including tracks by James Asher (with psychedelic visuals by D-Fuse) and the hidden track “Zammo-Zansa” by James Asher.

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