A Very Green Christmas – Artists for Earth

A Very Green Christmas - Artists for Earth

Catalogue #: SWP7091-2
Label: Seventh Wave Productions
Year of Release: 1997

Track 7, “Stargazer”, is an exclusive track by James Asher.

A Very Green Christmas – Artists for Earth. When we at Seventh Wave decided to make a holiday album, we wanted to do something more than simply release a compilation of seasonal songs by wonderful artists. We wanted to make a statement about what the holiday season, be it Christmas, Chanukah, or a celebration of the solstice, can mean to people. At its best, the Christmas season brings out giving and sharing feelings in people, and it can prompt them to set aside minor matters and to focus on their higher sensibilities and spirit. Often the music of the season celebrates and reminds us of this phenomenon. In determining to make an environmentally concerned or “green” album, we thought about the phrase “Peace on earth, Goodwill to all Mankind”. It’s a wonderful phrase, and it nicely sums up the higher holiday spirit. We think, however, that it is too limiting. We believe that all living things on this planet share in the blessing of life bestowed by the Earth, and that it is incumbent on us as humans to extend our goodwill to all the flora and fauna of the world. “Peace on earth, Goodwill to the Earth”. It includes us all and sustains us all. The artists on this album, “Artists for Earth”, all devoted themselves to sharing this music with you in this spirit. From all of us then, have a Very Green Christmas!

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