Starfield Studios
Starfield Studios
The studio is the hub of my creative activity. It provides the opportunity to support the writing and production of my own work and that of my collaborators too. There are many exciting ways to instigate and develop a musical idea. Starting from a wide palette of sounds in hardware and virtual form, and then adding acoustic performance to bring these ideas fully to life, it`s important for me to have access to this creative space, and enables what I do.

Being primarily a drummer, rhythm and groove are all important in the formulation of ideas, and it is then fun to find original and characterful ways to develop these ideas into the melodic arena, taking inspiration from the astonishing range of tone and texture which are to be found in today`s sound palettes. Taking photos, and manipulating these images on computer is another passion, and I often post these on Facebook. The immediacy possible in the way of communication from conceiving a design to being able to share it on the web will always be a remarkable and stimulating prospect.

The house here offers several good options for recording. There is a pleasingly large area directly outside the studio itself providing a good spot for acoustic performance, percussion and so on. The dining-room which houses my upright piano has a small hall kind of sound, and is conveniently directly below the studio. The garage, which houses my extensive ethnic percussion collection, has a stone floor and hence a very reflective quality of sound.

Live playing on drum kit is another passion, and something I do regularly. My Yamaha kit has been enhanced and customised with several extra features, and the energy and juice from performing somehow makes its way back into the studio and becomes part of the writing process. My fondness for drumming and the beat itself intensifies when I observe it in action at live gigs. It is possible then to observe directly its ability to encourage even the English with their pronounced natural reserve to get on the good foot and dance!

Arthur Hull
I have also been lucky enough to know and work with other drummers, whose diversity, excellence and quality of individuality have helped me further appreciate the extent and scope of what drumming can be. For the last ten years now I have greatly enjoyed collaborating with Arthur Hull, the esteemed drum circle facilitator, author and owner of Village Music Circles. His passion for drumming as a tool for building and enhancing community has been inspirational for me, and we have co-created many ideas which you can hear in their own section.
Collaborating with my great multi-percussionist friend Sandeep Raval has been a remarkable unfolding of discovery of how spiritual disciplines can culminate in just remarkable and inspiringly exciting technique. Playing with other people in general is a brilliant exercise in listening, and the magic that comes from the ensemble transcending the sum of the parts continues to delight me. My aim when composing is to make the process as fast and intuitive as possible. In that regard I have always been a fan of the Akai MPC range of sequencers, and this is especially the case with its most recent incarnation the Renaissance.

MPC Renaissance
Added to this the extraordinary world of virtual instruments and the ingenuity and versatility of the iPad, and other treasured favourites like my hammered dulcimer, bazouki and acoustic guitars, and the fun continues.

Bechendorfer Upright Piano
Drum Kit
Ethnic Drums
Studio Percussion

Different keyboards bring their own possibilities and sparks of inspiration. The Korg Kronos offers excellent flexibility and range of sound, while the mighty Roland Jupiter 80 has remarkable sonic finesse and expressive flair. It`s truly an exciting time to access musical technology, and it`s great to be around at the time to enjoy it.

Starfield Studios is available for hire at affordable rates for amateur / semi-professional singers, songwriters, bands and musicians.

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