Pemulwuy was an Aborigine whose bold and fearless action to defend his people’s rights became a stirring symbol of their struggle to avoid violent dispossession. In the late 1780’s, the Aboriginal ‘Eora’ society was elaborate and based on a highly complex kinship system, integral to which was the notion of reciprocity between people. Their society was non-materialistic, eqalitarian and power was diffused. They regarded land as a religious phenomenon, and people and land were inseparably linked. Nothing in the history or experience of the Eora prepared them for the British Invasion of 1788. Throughout a series of incidents of wounding and capture, Pemulwuy displayed a noble spirit and great bravery. The name Pemulwuy means earth, and it was as protector of his earth that he became renowned. His story was an inspiration for the two tracks that form the bookends of the album Feet in the Soil and this single.


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